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Get all the real info about forex (foreign exchange market), the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. Our main targets are currency speculators and retail investors.

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Since the 70's, the fastest, growing, crazy financial market worldwide. Can take speculators from wealth to poverty in a matter of seconds.

Broker reviews

Discover the most important and reliable fore broker at this time. Forex is NOT a game, you should choose wisely your trading platform.


Read and learn our forex insights: candlestick analysis, trading signal, advanced techniques, mistakes you should avoid while trading forex.

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Fundamentals of forex trading: how does it work?

Why fx trading is growing faster and faster among small and medium investors? Is it really *easy* to earn lots of money by trading currencies online?


Why candlestick analysis is so much important?

Candlestick (whose name derives from the shape of graphics, which resemble red and blue candles) is the most famous kind of graph you'll find while analyzing currency trends.

Practice account hidden risks

Who do all online forex brokers offer their affiliate a *free* account?

Read this article to find out the big difference between practicing forex trading on a free test platform and a real one.

Forex EA (expert advisors) and automatic forex

Some things nobody would like you to know about the so-called holy grail of forex trading

Expert Advisors are basically systems to do trading jobs automatically, with no emotions involved.


Learn how to trade foreign exchange

The first rule: read, read and read again. Knowledge is power but while trading forex knowledge is more than vital. The following websites feature the most updated news and insights on forex, financial markets, broker reviews, economic updates.

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